Peak “Cheap” Oil: Shale Oil Proves Peak Oil Is Indeed Upon Us

We have been skeptical of the many claims being made by the media about how a new energy bonanza is going to overtake the U.S. and eventually the world. The subject is the new shale formations in both natural gas and oil. While these oil and gas plays are in some cases extraordinary, and the […]

Peak Oil – Fake or Real?

A mixed panel deconstructs the hyperbole. Charles HallProfessor Charles Hall, Emeritus Professor at State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, USA The world has recently been exposed to many optimistic estimates on the future of oil production and the media has eagerly picked up these projections. International Energy Agency estimates that […]

Peak Oil Is Alive and Well


You might have heard that peak oil s dead. But peak oil is very much alive, and it is squeezing its hands ever more tightly around the throats of oil-dependent economies.   By Samuel Alexander, University of Melbourne You might have heard that peak oil – the theory that one day crude oil production will […]

Oil Production Costs Are Heading Towards $100 per Barrel

Bernstein Research has analyzed projected ongoing production costs for the 50 largest non-OPEC oil producers and found that — surprise, surprise — “the era of cheap oil is over”: Tracking data from the 50 largest listed oil and gas producing companies globally indicates that cash, production and unit costs in 2011 grew at a rate […]

Peak Cheap Oil

The included link will launch a 30 minute presentation given by Erik Townsend at the 9th Annual ASPO Conference held April 27 – 29 in Brussels, Belgium. ASPO is the Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas. ASPO is a non-profit organization of scientists who have an interest in defining the date and […]