Inflation is Severely Understated

If you repeat something completely inane enough times, do people, even economic writers, believe it? Please consider the Bloomberg article Price Slowdown for Cars, Baby Clothes Raises Fed Concerns. Five years into the U.S. economic expansion, inflation shows little sign of picking up as prices rise more slowly for goods and services from automobiles to […]


In 1995, $1.3 billion was enough to bring down Barings Bank, the oldest merchant bank in London, amidst warnings that unless something was done the global financial system would be brought to its knees. In 1998, Long Term Capital Management required a $3.6 billion bailout from 14 financial institutions after losing $4.6 billion in less […]

U.S. Gas Prices Over $3 a Gallon for a Record 1000 Days

NBC reports that U.S. gasoline prices have a set a record number of days above $3 a gallon – Gas Over $3 for Record 1000 Days. Just imagine how high they would be if fracking hadn’t killed peak oil! AAA reports the national average for gas prices have been above $3 per gallon for 1,000 […]

Why Reported Inflation Seems Different Than Reality


Submitted By Lance Roberts of StreetTalkLive, The subject of inflation has remained an emotionally charged topic of debate over the last several years.  As rising prices for individuals, and businesses, has negatively impacted their prosperity; reported inflation has remained at very low levels.  With the Fed pumping trillions of dollars into financial system the fear […]

An Aging Population Will Kill the American Dream


The American Dream is ending and it’s the nice, grey-haired lady next door who is to blame. That dream of prosperity – owning a home, building a business, perhaps even striking it rich – was a tantalizing prospect for generations of Americans. But it’s fading thanks to a critical shift in demographics towards an older […]