Understanding Inflation and Hyperinflation–Part 1

Inflation is the economic tool of choice for overly indebted governments and their central banks to “extend” worldwide growth and “pretend” that the current global economic environment is sustainable. Hyperinflation occurs when a central bank’s efforts to prop up a currency run out of control. It is an extreme case of inflation and a nightmare […]

An Inflation Tale

John Maynard Keynes

Nothing about the future is set in stone. Actions taken today do not inevitably lead to certain outcomes down the road, because something can happen tomorrow, or next week, or next year, that will negate what happened today. History seldom repeats itself – exactly. But this story about post-war Germany should make you take notice. […]

Can Hyperinflation Happen In the United States?

A true hyperinflation tale. Could this be what’s in store for us? The parallels are ominous. On this day in 1922, the German Central Bank and the German Treasury took an inevitable step in a process which had begun with their previous effort to “jump start” a stagnant economy. Many months earlier they had decided […]