How To Hide a Depression


I’ve suggested for some time that the U.S. is in a depression. The primary reason we do not have visible evidence of widespread poverty and suffering is massive government intervention in the economy. Despite the multi-trillion dollar “extend and pretend” game being played today, I suspect that with a little historical perspective the past 12 […]

Does Anyone Do Math Anymore?

While the European crisis continues to take center stage, nobody seems to remember the mess that the US is in. The federal government spends about $ 3.8 Trillion in a year and takes in approx. $2.15 trillion in various shapes and forms. That leaves a gaping hole of $1.65 trillion a year. The official national […]

Michael Moore to Obama: “Show some guts,” arrest S&P head

Please consider for your entertainment: Michael Moore to Obama: "Show Some Guts," Arrest S&P Head (Washington Times) Give it enough time and the radical left shows its totalitarian side. Michael Moore, who epitomizes the radical left, believes the CEO of Standard & Poor’s should be arrested for downgrading U.S. debt. Liberal firebrand Michael Moore called […]

Is History Repeating Itself?

In the 15th century, China was home to the highest standard of living in the world. This was China during the Ming Dynasty. Places like Sichuan had reached the pinnacle of civilization at the time with modern infrastructure, robust economies, international trade and a prosperous middle class. On the other side of the globe, Europeans […]

When a Cut is Not a Cut

Another insightful, truthful article from Ron Paul. One might think that the recent drama over the debt ceiling involves one side wanting to increase or maintain spending with the other side wanting to drastically cut spending, but that is far from the truth.  In spite of the rhetoric being thrown around, the real debate is […]