The Next Economic Disaster Might be Closer Than You Think


We are believers in the “from the outside in” principle of markets: When trouble starts, it nearly always does so out in the weaker periphery before creeping towards the core. We saw this in the run-up to the 2007 housing bubble collapse as sub-prime mortgages gave way before prime loans. You can see it again […]

Bernanke goes before Congress–what that means for stocks

Stock market bulls consistently cite one force for their positive outlook. Federal Reserve policy. They say… “Forget the fact the global economy is slumping from Europe to Asia” … “Forget the fact the U.S. economy is slumping fast” … “Forget the fact earnings stink!” and … “Forget the fact the euro currency keeps falling to […]

Seven Fallacies of Mainstream Economics

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the extreme inequality of wealth world-wide, the materialism of modern life – seeming over consumption for consumptions sake and the environmental abuse we shower on our planet are not accidents, nor are they unavoidable consequences of the natural order of things.  They are the result of the modern practice of […]

21 Awful Facts About The U.S. Economy

The capacity for self-delusion truly is remarkable.  Most people believe exactly what they want to believe (or more realistically what they are told) even when the truth is evident. Take the U.S. economy for example.  Barack Obama wants us to believe that his policies have worked and that the U.S. economy is improving.  At least […]

Obama Presidency Failing on the Economy

Not since the voice of God rattled Mount Sinai have words stirred as much buzz as Warren Buffett’s admonition for Washington to “stop coddling the rich.” The plea by the self-loathing billio­naire is now a rallying cry of President Barack Oba­ma’s sup­porters. But decla­rations by another mega-rich Obama back­er are getting much less play. Publisher […]