How To Hide a Depression


I’ve suggested for some time that the U.S. is in a depression. The primary reason we do not have visible evidence of widespread poverty and suffering is massive government intervention in the economy. Despite the multi-trillion dollar “extend and pretend” game being played today, I suspect that with a little historical perspective the past 12 […]

This is What Depression Looks Like; Real Corporate Earnings Collapse – Nearly 50 Percent Below 1973 Levels

In a recent article John Williams, publisher of ShadowStats writes: “Temporary consumption gains could be fueled by debt expansion, but that option also is not available to most consumers.  With limited prospects for income growth and debt expansion in the near future, broad economic activity remains likely to bottom-bounce for the foreseeable future, while healthy, […]

No More Risk of Recession?


In the vein of classic contrary indicators, such as the ill fated Time magazine cover that marked the top of the housing bubble, Bloomberg reports that JPMorgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon see nothing but blue skies ahead for the U.S. economy. Please see JPMorgan’s Dimon Says U.S. No Longer Faces Risk of Recession for your reading […]

The United States Needs a Depression Now

Paul Farrell, writing on MarketWatch, pens an interesting article describing why we need a depression in order to fix America’s looming credit default, failing economy and our insolvent banking system. Everything the government  has done since September 2008 has just postponed and guaranteed a far worse depression than if we had let the insolvent Wall […]