Zounds! Hacked again!

I apologize to those who have submitted comments but for the past nearly four weeks I have been unable to enter into my blog as editor, which means that I have been able neither to post new entries nor to approve comments. I finally regained control last night and tried to approve all the legitimate comments, but they were buried among over 6,000 spam comments so I may have missed a few. Again, sorry for that.

For those who are interested, apparently my blog was seized by someone who used it to send out span comments of his own. I have just subscribed to a new security service which means, as far as I can understand these things, that this is unlikely to happen again. This is all very frustrating, especially since my last entry had set off what for the most part had been a very cool discussion in the comments section, and of course that discussion has been truncated. I am sure, however, the topic of inequality will rear its head in discussion around future blog entries.