Profit From Crisis

A financial crisis like the one we are experiencing now, offers once-in-a-generation wealth building opportunities... if you're prepared. Learn how you can profit from this crisis.

Bearish Market Catalysts are Mounting


2013 has been a wonderful year for stocks. We’ve only had a slight pullback from the all time highs on the Dow Jones of 358 points or 2.3 percent, although we did to about the 14,750 level over a week ago in response to the crisis in Syria. That pull back broke the longest streak […]

How Many Times Can the Fed Play this Hand?


It seems like every time the Federal Reserve meets stocks rally and the dollar gets hammered. But, I wonder… how much longer can this game go on? There are signs – it appears that quantitative easing is having less and less levitating impact on markets and that those effects last for a shorter time. How […]

Obama or Romney: Does it Really Matter?

Will it really matter who wins tomorrow’s election? That’s the $64 million question. Actually, make that the $222 TRILLION question. That’s how much in debt the federal government is to foreign creditors, to you and me, to Social Security, to Medicare, to government pensions and more. And while you might not like the answer, the […]

A Common-Sense View of the Stock Market

Common sense leads to the conclusion that the U.S. stock market is a rigged skimming operation that is essentially a form of legalized, officially sanctioned fraud. Active traders and professional money managers already know how the U.S. stock market actually works, but Joe and Jane Citizen, whose pensions generally depend on the market in some […]

Is the Recovery Real? A Few Timely Charts

The mainstream media (MSM) and government have been heralding economic recovery based on marginal and often manipulated statistics. Following are a few timely charts which, at the very least, cast some doubt on the assumption that the United States is in a recovery.