Prepare For Crisis

How bad could it get? What are prudent steps that you can take now to prepare for the next leg of the crisis

This is What Depression Looks Like; Real Corporate Earnings Collapse – Nearly 50 Percent Below 1973 Levels

In a recent article John Williams, publisher of ShadowStats writes: “Temporary consumption gains could be fueled by debt expansion, but that option also is not available to most consumers.  With limited prospects for income growth and debt expansion in the near future, broad economic activity remains likely to bottom-bounce for the foreseeable future, while healthy, […]

Has the Recent Stock Rally Lulled You to Sleep?

Here’s why you SHOULDN’T get too comfortable By Elliott Wave International Bear markets are cunning beasts. Don’t get me wrong — we are not in the bear market territory yet. At least, not officially. An “official” bear market begins when the stocks indexes decline 20%. The DJIA’s decline from the May 2, 2011 high to […]

Prepare and Prosper in the Long Emergency

Last Sunday was the 10th anniversary of the 911 terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I suspect every media outlet in the nation held some type of memorial for those that perished in the attacks. First responders, some of whom gave their lives in the aftermath, were hailed as heroes. Undoubtedly […]

Is Deflation Back?

The rhetoric about inflation, even hyperinflation, is everywhere. This is an unscientific estimate, but I’m willing to bet that eight out of 10 pundits – from Marc Faber to Jim Rogers to Peter Schiff – are calling for inflation. And in most cases they are also predicting the demise of the U.S. dollar. Don’t get […]

Watch Out Below: Trouble Ahead For the Markets

It is time to be very cautious in the market right now. Increased volatility is often a harbinger of a change in market direction. Even more telling, four factors that preceded the market crash in 2008 are happening again. It is worth your financial well being to be watchful. Bank stocks are leading the market […]